Errand Running

Forget to pick up groceries or too tired when leaving work? Order online from your favorite grocer & we will deliver.

Forget to pick up cupcakes for Johnny’s class party? No problem, we can pick them up and deliver with a smile.

Are your in-laws coming soon & the guest room is a mess? We can have it cleaned, organized, and fresh linen turned down and ready to go!

Forget that grandma’s birthday is tomorrow and you haven’t picked out a gift card or gift? You can order online and we deliver or just send us in your exact needs, and preferred brand, and we will pick it up and deliver.

Need to schedule appointments, order items, sign kids up for programs, or wait in lines for that new gadget? We can handle it all with a smile.

Grocery Delivery Service in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Tired of waiting?

Did you schedule the cable guy but can’t afford to take off the 5 hour time frame given by the technician? Don’t worry, We can wait at your house until they arrive, make sure it is being done properly, and lock the house up and deliver the key to your work.

Forget to schedule Buster, the cat, for his vet check up or the groomer? We can schedule any appointment, pick him up, wait, & bring him home.

Is it the last week of the month and you realized you forgot to get an inspection? Let us schedule the inspection, take your car and bring it back after service is completed.

Too tired to cook, shop, or run out for fast food? Don’t want Pizza or Chinese food? Let us know and we can pick it up and deliver!


Errand Running Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Military Spouses

Need someone to come put together that new dresser, while your spouse is away? We can put together or take away anything you need.

Need the lawn mowed or house power-washed and gutters cleaned out? We can have someone complete any interior or exterior needs or help with that extra stuff.

Think it isn’t affordable to have a personal assistant come in once a week and give you that “extra hand”? Don’t worry, we can set up payment plans.


Errand Running Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Small company or Executive

Own a small company and hiring someone full time isn’t reasonable? Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly visit from one of our professional Personal Assistants to organize your books and update spreadsheets.

Busy Executive looking for someone to be at your “Beck and Call”? Sign up for a personal assistant to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have a big event coming up? Let us plan, decorate, invite, and coordinate for you.

Need someone to make you social media posts & help with SEO? We can set up weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

Interested in getting some door hangers out? Let us help you with a small fee to go door to door with your material.


Personal Assistant Service in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Cleaning Services

Here at Any Day A P.A., we want to make sure that all your needs are met. Our detailed checklist, extensive training and attention to detail has been the reason we have regular clients that continue to use our services. We strive to provide excellence service for busy people, all over Hampton Roads. We offer services that range from one-time deep cleanings to daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance cleanings for your home or office. We use a detailed checklist, that is sent to you before your appointment, so that you can add or remove any service, as you like. This guarantees that we meet all your needs on our first visit.


Need a move out clean? Have an extensive list from your realtor/Management company? Let us help you get it done, to get rid of one more worry during a big move.  We provide a breakdown of all notes and pictures, and costs for you to turn in to your property manager.


Property Manager, Realtor, or Air BNB Owner?

Any Day A P.A. can give your property the deep clean it needs for move outs/ or move ins. Need help maintaining the cleanliness of your property during the summer season? Find out we can split payments up into plans and get it done between rentals.  We use a detailed checklist, that is sent to you before your appointment, so that you can add or remove any service, as you like. This guarantees that we meet all your needs on our first visit.



**Ask about how we can pack, organize, schedule, and help find places, that will help your transition run smoothly**

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How do I get an assistant?

Fill out the form below with the task or chore you need accomplished. Be specific (Exact job description, estimated man hours, etc) and we will match you with an assistant and send you an estimate.

Personal Assistant Service in Hampton Roads, Virginia